Ongoing EV Projects

TOYOTA MR2 motor compartment to be serviced soon (cleaned and repainted)

Dale's Toyota MR2 or "Mister Two" ready to go home

Da cock-a-doodoll-doodoo door doodle gas engine eating Raptor on KGCC shop door

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1937 Dodge EV Project

Tim’s 1937 Dodge EV project went home today for the final turn key work remaining to be done in his home garage. It was a most chalanging projects and I’m glad the KGCC was able to help Tim get his dream green car off to a great start. Good luck Tim on finishing it up. Mr.Q

Mr. Q and Tim flashing the EV hand sign as EV Dodge goes home.

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Saturday EV Workshop

See below shots of our first Saturday one day EV workshop of the new year. All went well and Barbara’s sweet rolls with freh coffer were a great way to start, so thanks Barbara.

Yes, these sweet rolls tasted as good as they look

John's soon to be EV side car motorcycle at the shop

Mason, Mike, Mr. Ward and John talking about "da bike"

EV workshop group shot and Jerry and Jack did a great job of it, again !

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Happy New Year !

See below some of the KGCC activities for December of 2011 and may the new year bring you joy, happyness, prosperity and love for green trees, clean air, blue sky’s and healthy oceans EVwhere say Mr.Q

Mr. Kay Govender our South African EV'er visitor and Spider checking Wistars mock up at KTA

Jerry, Barbara and Bob at the San Diego Auto Show by Vicki's Solar Beetle

Thunder Ranch in El Cajon the first stop on 12-27-11 EV tour

KGCC Holiday Party and EV Rally at Mario's Hancock Street Cafe

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End Year / New Year : MONEY MATTERS !

Regardless of the dreams and aspirations the Kick Gas Car Club may aspire to, money outgo must always be matched by money income and as we need money to operate successfully we must also understand that cash flow lubricates the
enterprise, especially for converted EV’s. They are not mass produced so they are costlier. Additionally, it is extremely important to avoid poor management, reckless and or risky adventures with the limited funds we do have at our disposal. Over the past two years perhaps Mr.Q has been somewhat of a pest regarding the collection of membership pledges. It is not one of the most easy or favorable of tasks, but I am happy to report the pledges collected to date have been responsible for keeping our doors open. Thank you all and please do forgive me my pestiness. I feel we among the many (99%) who do not splash around in money supply as do the few (1%) who are entitled, are certainly deserving of enterprising success, see (Social Entrepreneurs). However, we must take care to marshal the money income / outgo trickle to our best advantage. As income and outgo increases and diminishes be advise that valuable volunteer service in time via sweat and muscle equity also count and is much appreciated, but we can’t get around the fact that we also need the hard money ! Therefore, this coming new year the KGCC will be offering an additional service that we think will not only generate additional income for the club but will also continue to support our EV cause in general. To be more specific, we will be assisting in the removing and replacement of worn out hybrid car batter packs with the owners acting as their own contractors thus, saving them thousands of dollars from what dealerships would be charging for the same work. Details have not yet been worked out, but with having twenty thousand first generation Prius hybrids in San Diego county with many of their battery pack reaching the end of their life span, an opportunity in the new year awaits us. Lets have a great New Year in our mutual efforts for green trees, clean air, blue sky’s and healthy oceans Everywhere and drive NICE-ly ( No Internal Combustion Engine)  saz Mr.Q

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Winter 2012 Workshop

See the attached flyer for the details of the upcoming EV Conversion Workshop:

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Revenge of the Electric Car

Kick Gas Car Club members attended the San Diego premier of Chris Paine’s new documentary film”Revenge of the Electric Car” on Friday November 11, 2011. Club members along with many other EV enthusiasts present enjoyed this sequel to “Who Killed the Electric Car”.

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Battery Containment Boxes at KGC:

Yep, KGC is now fabricating battery containing boxes on site, because it cost to darn much to have them made someplace else and then fall apart upon istallation, see attached:

Corner clamps attached and now box is ready for welding

Good weld, it will hold water !

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October EVent at Auto History Museum

This past Thursday October 20th several Kick Gas Clubber’s attended a movie entitled “What is an electric car?” shown at the Balboa Park Auto History Museum. After the movie Jerry Sullivan represented the KGCC as a participant in a group discussion (see below):

Good turnout for the movie

Heeeeear's Jerry talking up EV conversions on the discussion panel

Richard's "Pretty Porsche" showing it stuff at the museum

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2011-08-27 Work-a-day report

Tim’s truck is coming along and we had a fellow by the name of Thor Brickman come buy with his recently converted 280 ZX . Jerry, Jack, Vince and I tinkered with the new mock up ( all finished) see attached. Next Saturday is the first one in September so will be offering our EV workshop for sure, for sure, saz Q

More photos are here

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