About Puff the Mechanical Dragon

PUFF the Mechanical Dragon
(A metaphor for the four stroke cycle engine and our Kick Gas Club mascot)

INTAKE stroke – gasoline’s origins are depicted in green hues, the color of ancient plant life (or LIFE stroke).

COMPRESSION stroke – the piston compress and heats the fuel, just as our sun in yellow, provides earth with radiant heat (or SUN stroke).

POWER stroke – the spark plug ignites the fuel charge as represented by the volcano and red, the color of fire (or FIRE stroke).

EXHAUST stroke – greenhouse gasses are released to the atmosphere, resulting in death (or DEATH stroke).



Puff, the mechanical dragon – Is an ICE
(Internal Combustion Engine)
That frolics in the smoggy mist from L.A. and D.C.
Now Jack and Jill got sick
Riding around on Puff
And then one day
The kids dropped dead
From breathing all the stuff
So, what can you and I do?
Now, that our sky’s are brown?
Well, we can drive electric cars
And help put Old Puffy DOWN!



Here comes PUFF !



PUFF emerging on Mr.Q's High School Auto Shop Wall


Actual Piston Model for PUFF wall mural

Jack and Jill of course!

Future PUFF location ? " Pues a ver que pasa" saz Q

...or here ?

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