About Kick Gas Car Club

The Kick Gas Car Club is a support group for current and future electric vehicle owners, established in 2007 and based in San Diego, California. Our mission is to convert and maintain electric vehicles for green trees, clean air, blue sky’s and healthy oceans EVerywhere, a local effort with global significance. Our hearts also tell us to do this for EVery current and future Jack and Jill see “About Puff the Mechanical Dragon” our Kick Gas Car Club mascot and a metaphor for the four stroke cycle engine which has been polluting our environment for over one hundred years. Club members collectively own and operate a car conversion shop stocked with specialized tools and equipment needed to undertake the conversion process safely and quickly. To date the Kick Gas Car Club has converted or has had a hand in converting well over two dozen  ICE cars ( Internal Combustion Engine) to NICE cars ( No Internal Combustion Engine ) powered by electric batteries. We also offer EV conversion workshops for a small fee and to date almost two hundred people have participated. The Kick Gas Car Club is self funded by its members on a voluntary donations basis. Please come and join us for one of our EV workshop held the first Saturday of each month or for one of our EV Work-a-Days held each remaining Saturday of the same month. If you do decide to visit, you will find us diligently working on Kick Gas Car Club member EV’s as we share technical knowledge, sweat equity labor and great meals with like minded friends who choose to love and live POWERFUL as they drive NICE-ly by EVery gas stations in their  neighborhood and hopefully sometime soon in the whole WORLD ! Why not? Saz the KGCC

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